125 Yr Old - 12 rm 1-1/2 bath Farm House with Outbuildings 
Repurposed as 21st Century multi suite Eco Experiment.
My Own "Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House: -
Why, go to so much effort?
Cheap at the price. 
Only 70G to get it out of hock from 
  predatory lenders ripping off mom so they'd get the house.
A great return on my labor in between gigs with l ots of potential.
Even a spring fed pool all nice and comfy in the summer with waste heat from AC.
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  Exceptional Appreciation
  Catskills Mountains 
  EcoSystem and History
  Exceptional Ability to
  Re-Purpose, Re-Use, Preserve
  Buildings, Materials, Grounds,
  Landscape and Features
Building  and  Property  
      Cost Estimates
Construction Monitoring
Eco - Educator
Energy - Wind PV  Thermal Nuclear Geothermal Heat Pumps Bio Fuel
Water - Savings Re Charge Re Use  Desalinization
Sustainable - Building Cities Farming Towns Homes Water Food Energy