Utilities Last Ditch Attack on Green Energy!

Mar 28, 2016

California utilities fighting for the POOR? Sound like a bad Hollywood script? It's not.      Distributed Green Energy saves utilities money. FERC (in charge of ensuring US remains electrified) told utilities they need to pay rooftop PV producers for the synergistic benefits Green Energy provides. Gov't subsidies are proven to pay back many times their cost.  Desperate utilities latest gambit to defend fees and decreased payments for Green Energy is to say they protect the poor.

Top Three Factoids utilities don't raise in their fight for the poor:

1.  Most Net Metering programs do NOT PAY FOR EXCESS ENERGY PRODUCED, yes, utilities get it for FREE, reselling it at a wind fall profit.

2.  Utilities don't pay a penny for the gigawatts of power plants feeding Green Power into the grid, and it's plant construction that dominates energy costs.  Yet another windfall profit for utilities.

3.  During those day time summer energy peaks, PV especially lessens grid stress, meaning fewer overloaded feeders / early failure of feeders (they do wear out), and lessens very, very, expensive peak power utilities buy.  Another windfall profit for utilities.

If Utilities want to champion the poor, they need to pass on ALL these savings, lowering everyone's electric bills.

Russell Higgins  AIA  RoughDesigns

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